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Fanime 2013 artist alley by artshell Fanime 2013 artist alley by artshell
I had a wonderful time having an artist booth at the Fanime. It was my first time having a sale there and so is a great friend's who I was sharing a table with :iconajatrese:, and with the help of :iconjayji062: and my sister :iconangiechen:I had fun cosplaying as one of the Domo kun sisters [link], our artist booth was only a few meters away from Yuumei! (her tumblr [link] and I got the chance to make conversation and hugged her before she lost her voice the next day, I almost walked off without paying a signed poster by Jeff Thomas :iconazuzephre: because I forgot, it slipped his mind too but I ran back of course, and I was very fortunate to be sitting right next to talented artists Gisu :icongisu:, and Nathan Ng :iconautomaticgiraffe: (the guy behind me in this picture), and I hugged the air dancing balloon man that we normally see in front of car shops. Many things sold out at my shop, that I had to make more jewelry and buttons every night at our hotel. Unfortunately, I was so busy that I didn't get a chance to venture the convention and meet other wonderful artists (So sorry you guys!). I didn't even get the chance to look at our other table where the president of Kinyoobi con was providing a demo of our up coming video game, Eternal Dragon.

I will try harder to be a little more prepared with more helpers and items in my shop so I can support more artists.

Some people have said my buttons, jewelry and postcards are the least expensive items they've seen so far at the artist alley. I'm glad to hear that as I try to see customers point of view when it comes to pricing. All my prints were made by my professional printer which provides high quality, waterproof ink (thank you Epson Workforce1100). I make my buttons with my own buttons machine to provide reasonable price for my buttons, and my prints on my jewelry were also printed with my printer, while my jewelry findings and glass materials were from relatives and friends from etsy to support their businesses too. I manage to pay just enough for hotel, the registrations, materials of making my work, with a little extra spending money for the dealer's hall and artist alley (harhar) and the artist table fee for Kinyoobi con and Kintoki con coming up this year! Watch me for more information coming up soon ^^

Oh yeah you guys, the game I've been working on with Kinyoobi, Eternal Dragon demo is available for free online! [link] Play it and check out the art that my sister, our friends from Kinyoobi team and I made. It is unique and awesome~!

Thank you for everyone who stop by! It was very fun and awesome!
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May 29, 2013
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